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Did you know: Ants are one of the longest living insect?

They are literally everywhere in the world besides Antarctica… Pun intended!

An ant colony collectively has as many brain cells as a human.

Pest Control for Ants Phoenix AZ



Crickets are scorpions preferred food source.

They are high in protein and cannot fight back.

Pest Control for Crickets Phoenix AZ



German Roach facts:

Normally isolated to kitchens and bathrooms.

Female roaches can produce over 100,000 eggs per year if not properly taken care of.

Pest Control for Roaches Phoenix AZ



Bark scorpions happen to be the most venomous and most common here in Arizona.

1 gallon of scorpion venom is worth up to $39 MILLION!

Scorpions may live 6-12 months without food. They DO travel in packs.

Pest Control for Scorpions Phoenix AZ



Did you know the most common termite found here in Arizona is the Subterranean Termite.

They need moisture to survive so stay on top of excess moisture around your home.

Pest Control for Termites Phoenix AZ

Black Widows


A Black Widow’s venom is a neurotoxin. Symptoms of a bite may be nausea, muscle cramps, hypertension, sweating and breathing issues.

A Black Widow’s venom is more potent than a Rattlesnake!

Black Widow’s create papery egg sacks that can contain 200-900 eggs each!

Pest Control for Black Widows Phoenix AZ

Annual & Perennial Weed Control


Controlling the weeds in your yard can help with many pests such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats and much more.

Full property treatments and front yard only treatments available.

Annual & Perennial Weed Control Phoenix AZ

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