Bear with me here as this is my first ever blog and also the first time, I have attempted to write anything since college. My name is Johnathan Woodard and I recently decided to pursue one of my dreams as a business owner. I started Custom Pest Services with my business partner and longtime best friend Pablo Mendoza back in March of 2021. I am writing this blog with hope that the wonderful people in Arizona will join in on our journey of not only establishing the highest quality pest service industry wide but also help us create a platform to give back to our community.

Pablo and I are natives to Arizona and have lived here our entire lives. We have grown alongside the state and remember where it was when we were kids and have seen how much it has blossomed since. Pablo and I met when we were 18 years young at Paradise Valley Community College where we played baseball for the Pumas! It was our second year there when we really hit it off and honestly since then we have been inseparable. We continued on to Tennessee where we finished our college baseball careers and once the good life was over, we decided to be roommates and start in business together back home here in Arizona. After two years of being in the medical field I decided I needed to do something different with my life. That is when I jumped into the pest control industry. After five years of working in different positions in the industry Pablo and I decided to have lunch one day and the topic came up about us starting our own company once again! We are now older and more mature and are ready to take on the entire workload that comes with being your own boss. Growing alongside the state we know we want to contribute to the present and future well-being of all who live here and will soon come. Our sports background has taught us that it is going to take hard work, pain, joy, failure and successes in order to get to the mountain top in which we hope to take as many people as possible.

We promise to uphold our core values of Honesty, Reliability, Integrity, Passion and Knowledgeable during every service! We offer General Pest Plans, specialty services such as Termites, Rodents, German Roaches, Flea & Ticks, Weeds and more!

Pablo and I both thank you for reading and hope to meet you in person if we have not done so already. Join the Custom Pest Family today and be a part of what is more than just another pest control company”